by Tiny Riots

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released September 16, 2011

Michael Vernon Lau, Alex Bruder, Kerri Mack, Patrick Rolain, Dan O Stoffels



all rights reserved


Tiny Riots Madison, Wisconsin

Break up poetry for your soul from Mike Lau, Alex Bruder, Alex Mitchard, Patrick Rolain and Dan Stoffels

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Track Name: The Friction
So I had one
Float back in the deep end
Easy to achieve but harder to believe in
When building so quickly more likely to cave in

How is it that you decided so quickly my dear?
How does it feel to fly away?

So I lost one
It's never easier though it's so often
Still rings in my ears though the words never spoken
With space in between I can still feel the friction, friction

How is it that you decided so quickly my dear?
How does it feel to fly away?
I'm sure it seems right
But I'm still here
Can't figure out how to spread wings

Are you bettering yourself for him?
Will he come back will you finally live?
Track Name: Here To Stay
Now that I’m here and hanging on at your will
I cannot help but think we’ll be here for a while
I get so tiered but the blood that flows from my heart through my head
Helps enough to crack a smile

Breathe easy, man, don’t give off a sign of defense
An unfair disadvantage
A rule never the less
Breathe easy, man, don’t give off a sign of defense
Oh no, oh no

The thought alone fells real enough to break bones
Thus the silence always seems to take hold
And when I’m tiered it’s these feeling that flow
Down to the core, I fear my heart might explode

She said you’ll never get the best of both worlds
Best of both worlds
Track Name: Ecstatic
Once I saw you ecstatic
guess that's kinda hard where I live
In a mind frame so manic
hope to god that my friends can forgive
Sometimes the past don't seem real
In and out of control everyday
have you got happiness to feel
hopin' maybe you could throw some my way
or maybe say

Everything you want and everyone you needed
Is on the other side and all you have to do is bleed

Nothin' in the town ever happens
Everything starts to repeat
Decisions predicted from patterns
but never brings about what I need
Now that I think about it
I don't really know anything
All that I've learned, come to doubt it
But that in itself is a form of release
and now I see
Track Name: Marissa
Talk to me marissa
Tell me what you really mean
Blame yourself for all of this
And get off so easily
i know I had at least one hand
in helping you along
tell me what I done marissa
do I do you wrong

tell me what I’ve done
it seams as though I’m not for you
explinations that you gave are
all tried and untrue

for better or for worse I need the truth
so I can see if I could see me with out you

you came and went so quick I nearly missed it
tiny glimpses that you gave really got me twisted
Track Name: Replacements
How does it feel to be alone
That’s the question that I’ll ask
And you’ll never know
Out of my head and through the exit
Of my soul
Was so wealthy now I’m begging
Oh no

How does it feel to be around
Holding someone else so tight
In someone else’s town
Out of your heart and through the exit
Of your mouth
Had a purpose now it’s sinking
Oh no

Who’s side are you on
What this takes and who I really am is gone
It’s all stuck inside the heart you stole
Or is it stuck inside my mind

How does it feel when you make love
It’s so pointless where I am
One more worthless fuck
Out of my head there is no exit
Out of luck
This is dangerous but I’m hanging on
Track Name: Death And Recollection
So this is it I’ve given up slowly
Still got the time to tell you what it is
With brand new sight, caught up to the horizon
To keep the pace, we’ll have to travel quick

So here it is I don’t feel any different
Don’t have the time to fuck up like I did
You are the best
Well at least in this instance
I can’t tell time
At least not when I win
Can’t tell time
At least not when I win

Weary and wondering home
Your arms get used to letting go
It’s so easy to tell your secrets
To someone you’ll never go

So here we are
Nothing like separation
Do you recall when this was all brand new
Can’t help but hurt
The death and recollection
Can’t help but think
You wish you never knew
Track Name: The Difference
She’s passed out and her eyes
Have fallen through her mind
Now it’s just too bright to see
She’ll never compromise
She’ll tell you there’s no difference
Between real life and dreams

I’m passed out and my mind
Is drowning in the drink again
So I sleep sound at night
Cause I’d be terrified
If I ever had to dream again
Of drowning in your eyes

When I’m alone
I can’t find myself
I’m so afraid that I’m someone else
It’s terrifying to think that I
Can’t realize how you
Hurt inside

It was a matter of time
Just a matter of time
Track Name: Hearts Should Be Harder
Hearts should be harder to break
With such thick ice in your veins
And all the drugs that you take
Take away the pain

Life should be easy to do
It all falls down on you
Decisions you make
Are getting in the way

It’s so much harder on me
While your sleeping easily

It’s so much harder to take
When you got nothing to say
And all the love I could make
Is drowning in the hate

I guess it’s no ones concern
You really think I would learn
But I got no where to turn
No body yearning for me
Track Name: Platonic
Hey, what’s the point
Of being around
If you’re not around
You could tell all your secrets
To everyone else
I can’t make a sound

It’s a beautiful thought
To think you’re alone
But you’re never alone
I’m not trying to die
But at least there’s comfort
In inevitable

Hey what’s the point
Of seeing you now
If I can’t be civil
And we can’t fool around
I could start over
I could renew
The point’s probably moot
If I’m not over you

I know it’s early but I fear
The end’s in sight
Once too often
I’ve been traumatized
You think I’m beautiful
But it’s the first time
What the point
To even try

This is the last good bye